Frequently Asked Questions

A1: The National Festival of Tolerance is a series of events, activities, and initiatives meant to celebrate the diversity that characterises the UAE. The National Festival of Tolerance comprises six diverse, complementary, and rich elements:

  • Part 1: Signature, iconic events that offer high quality entertainment with a tolerance message
  • Part 2: Umm Al Emarat Park engagement experiences that provide enjoyable, fun-filled, cross-cultural engagement experiences
  • Part 3: Partnership initiatives that provide a wide range of government, industry and community entities with an opportunity to promote tolerance
  • Part 4: Forums, which enable serious conversations about tolerance to occur
  • Part 5: Innovations, which showcase innovative approaches to promoting tolerance
  • Part 6: The Ministry’s role at the World Tolerance Summit includes a session outlining the ministry’s achievements to date, its plans for 2019 and its sponsorship of the ‘Symphony of Love’ at the Summit Gala Dinner

A2: To:

  • Emphasise that tolerance is a legacy of Sheikh Zayed’s wise leadership.
  • Raise awareness of the Ministry of Tolerance.
  • Explain why the Ministry of Tolerance exists.
  • Explain the values that the Ministry of Tolerance stands for.
  • Celebrate diversity in all its forms.
  • Remind the country of its unique model of open, safe, economic, social and human development.

A3:The headquarters for the Festival are in Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi and everyone is welcome to attend the program of activities that will open from 5pm until 10pm each night. In addition, there are some other activities that are open to the public such as the Tolerance Impressions event on the Tolerance Bridge in Dubai, as well as the Tolerance Cricket Cup, with matches played at Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi every Thursday and Friday, until the finals on 16 November.

A4: Most festival activities are free, while some are by invitation only.

A5:At the beginning of 2019, the Year of Tolerance, His Holiness Pope Francis made a historic visit to the region. Together with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahamad al-Tayyib, His Holiness Pope Francis signed a document regarding human fraternity.  This year’s Festival celebrates the values of tolerance, human fraternity, goodness, love, and peace as emphasized in the document.

A6:The Festival commences with a wonderful series of activities including a Guinness Book World Record attempt on Friday 9 November in Umm Al Emarat Park. The Festival concludes on Friday 16 November at Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium with the crowning of the champion team from the Tolerance Cricket Cup.

A7: It is a unique tournament between cricketers from different Workers’ camps and Operatives’ villages located across the UAE. The Tolerance Cricket Cup comprises 16 teams made up of players from more than 20 nations.

A8: The Forums are a series of several different serious conversations on a range of themes including youth issues, the role of the family, community challenges, tolerance research, and how to promote tolerance internationally. Participation at each Forum is strictly by invitation only.