The Ministry of Tolerance

The Ministry of Tolerance aims to achieve a compelling spectrum of objectives. Through a focus on tolerance, it seeks to facilitate the empowerment of individuals, enabling them to work cooperatively and collaboratively for economic and social development. This brings about greater personal and community safety, security, peace and prosperity, thereby resulting in more sustainable, harmonious and happy societies.

His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan is the Minister of Tolerance under the new Cabinet announced in October 2017. Having joined the Federal Government in 1992, he has held several key positions including as Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Minister of Education, and Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development.


What does the Ministry stand for? 

True to the teachings of Islam, the UAE recognises and embraces diversity in all its forms. The core values of the UAE Ministry of Tolerance take their inspiration from this inclusive ethos, and are expressed in a variety of ways. These ways include respect and empathy for the many variations in which difference and diversity take shape, compassion for those hindered by their own differences, a positive curiosity about difference and diversity, and the generosity of spirit to reach out to, rather than fear, those who are different.

The National Festival of Tolerance

Tolerance is embedded in the DNA of UAE society. In line with the mission of the Ministry of Tolerance to spread the message of tolerance, the Festival seeks to emphasise its benefits to all. It aims to achieve this through inclusive public events and outcome-oriented forums. The Festival will run from 9 – 16 November 2018. The public events will provide ample opportunity for everyone to appreciate the value of difference and diversity, across culture, art, music, sport and other aspects that contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the UAE. The Forums, in which participation is by invitation only, will facilitate meaningful exchange among the country’s youth, women, expatriate business leaders and others important to the dialogue. Importantly, prominent global experts and Nobel laureates will also help shape the way forward.

How does participation benefit you? 

By undertaking initiatives, activities and programs in partnership with its stakeholders, the Ministry of Tolerance is helping create tolerant communities, and a tolerant society comprised of tolerant individuals and tolerant organisations. The National Festival of Tolerance is one such initiative that aims to engender respect for individuals of various cultures and abilities, to open avenues for learning and appreciating diversity, and to promote a compassionate approach to those disadvantaged by their differences. 
While participation in the Forums is by invitation only, there is a rich and varied program of public events and activities that the entire family can participate in.